Face Slimming Mask Bandage


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belle Anti Wrinkle Face Slimming Cheek Mask Lift V Face Line Slim Belt
This anti-wrinkle face slimming cheek mask: smooth breathable, skin-friendly, durability.
Easy to use: wear for 30 – 40 minutes when Work watching TV and doing housework, etc
Physical face-lift to improve a double chin, prevent the cheeks sagging, insist on using more than three months is more effective.


*Elastic face slim mask will make your face more beautiful and healthy.

*It will make you look more sexy and beautiful.

*Condition: 100% Brand New and high quality.

*Material: LYCRA (Medical Elasticity Fabrics), The fabric is very stressful and elastic, not so easy to loosen.
Color: Pink
How to use:
1.Wash your face clean.
2. Wear it and take off 30~60 minutes later. (Skin will be in a sweat with warmth)
3. Wash your face again.

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